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        Huishui Road 1.Camel Electrical park,Zhenhai,Ningbo

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        0086-13857872857 / 13906699209

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      Ningbo Zhenhai Benda Gear Co. Ltd., formerly known as Ningbo Lixin machinery factory, located in the beautiful coast of the East China Sea -- Ningbo Zhenhai camel industrial park.

      The company was founded in 1982, after thirty years of development, constantly "pioneering, innovation", with advanced technology and sophisticated equipment, producing all kinds of gear, gear shaft, worm wheel and worm。 In recent years, we have added a variety of equipment, has a thread grinder, CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC lathe and the HMCT Group of FPG3002A gear measuring machine and a series of equipment。Now has become a design, processing, testing in one of the manufacturers。In the process, and gradually master the hard surface machining, hardened 2 knife cutting, to meet the different needs of different customers.


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